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Shuangdeng Battery Backup Power System Battery

Considering the excellent characteristics of FeLi Shuangdeng battery and the higher flexibility requirement in the 3G era, the operators put forward the distributed power supply scheme of DC backup power supply and the use requirement of integrated backup power supply based on FeLi battery, which will also become the technical development trend of small and medium backup power supply and backup power supply under special circumstances in the future.

In view of this new trend, Jiangsu Shuangdeng Group has proposed a solution based on the integrated backup power supply system of iron-lithium battery, BMS and rectifier module. This is the only backup power supply system used in the field of communication in China. The scheme uses BMS circuit board to form a bridge between the power supply module and the lithium-iron battery: to ensure that the current, voltage and temperature parameters of the lithium-iron battery pack during charging and discharging are within its acceptable range; to extend its service life; and to ensure that the lithium-iron battery pack can meet the system requirements and design timing standards in use.

This scheme has the characteristics of integration, lightweight, intelligent centralized monitoring, unattended and standardized cabinet installation. It is widely used in access network equipment, remote switchboard, mobile communication equipment, transmission equipment, satellite ground station and microwave communication equipment.

For example, in FTTB mode, 48V/10Ah communication lithium-iron battery system with 19 inch 1U standard unit is used to discharge at 1.1A to meet the requirements of ONU, EPON, transmission equipment, etc. In FTTH mode, 12V/5Ah communication lithium-iron battery system is used to discharge at 1.2A to meet the requirements of backup time of 4 hours. In addition, the solution can be applied in 3G micro-cellular base station, indoor distributed base station, outdoor integrated cabinet, emergency communication vehicle, distributed base station and so on.

Product characteristics

High level of protection

The cabinet has the functions of dust-proof and water-proof, and can meet the outdoor harsh environment. The protection level reaches IP55.

Mechanical protection design

The design of frame structure, seamless surface design and outdoor anti-theft lock are adopted to protect the cabinet from man-made damage, earthquake and other damage.

Strong adaptability to environment

The cabinet is designed to resist high and low temperature. The design measures of shading, heat insulation, ventilation, air cooling and heat exchange are fully taken into account to maintain the temperature in the cabinet and ensure the normal operation of the system.

Flexible configuration

AC and DC power supply systems are composed of AC input, AC lightning protection, AC output distribution, battery packs and other modules. The specifications and quantities of input and output shunts can be flexibly configured.

Monitoring communication

The system has RS232 or RS485, trunk contacts and other communication interfaces to facilitate access to the dynamic loop monitoring system, and other equipment to achieve unified monitoring and management.

Easy installation and maintenance

The system realizes full front maintenance operation, and has enough operation and maintenance space, which can easily replace AC and DC components. At the same time, it can provide a variety of optional installation accessories to meet the installation requirements of holding rod, wall hanging, landing and so on.

Efficient Battery Management

The battery pack has the functions of overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit and temperature protection, and overcharge and overdischarge protection of single battery.


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